Monday, 21 November 2011


He is a doctor.
He takes care of sick people.
He works in a hospital.

He is a cook.
He cooks delicious food.
He works in a restaurant.

He is a policeman.

He wears a blue uniform.
He protects the law.

He works in a police station.

He is a fireman.
His job is to put out fire.
He works in a fire station.

He is a postman.
He delivers letters.
He works in a post office.

The lady is a nurse.
She looks after sick people.
She works in a hospital.

She is a teacher.
She teaches pupils in a classroom.
She works in a school.


Saturday, 19 November 2011

Sports and Games

What is your favourite sport/game?
Where do you play the sport/game?

1) Running
animated gif

 We run on the field.

2) Cycling

     We cycle in the park.

3) Rope Skipping
animated gif     We rope skipping in the park.

4) Swimming
      We swim in the pool.

5) Walking
      We walk to school everyday.

6) Surfing
animated gif      We surf at the beach.

7) Skiing
animated gif        We skii on the ice-mountain.

8) Playing Basketball
       We play basketball on the basketball court.

9) Play Football
       We play football on the field.

10) Play Table Tennis (Ping Pong)
       We play table tennis on the table.

11) Play Golf
     We play golf at the golf course.

12) Play Bowling
   We play bowling at the bowling alley.

13) Play Badminton

We play badminton on the badminton court.

14) Play Tennis
Tennis man to serve - animation    We play tennis on the tennis court.

15) Play Volleyball
        We play volleyball on the volleyball court.

                     What are the other sport/game that we can play on the field?

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Months of the Year

Let Sing Together
Months of the Year

Remember this!

1)  J __ N __ A __ Y                                           

2)  __ E B R __ A R __

3) M __ R __ __

4) __ P R __ L

5) M __ Y

6) J __ __ E

7) __ U L __

8) A __ G U __ __

9) S __ P __ E M __ E __

10) O __ T __ B E __

11) __ O __ E M __ E R

12) D __ C E M B __ __

Saturday, 12 November 2011


Do you know that we wear different clothes for different activities?

Sport Wear

Party Wear

Swim Wear

Then, we combine the name of clothes and colours!

     This is a hat.
It is grey.
         It is a grey hat.

          This is a raincoat.
It is yellow.
                  It is a yellow raincoat.
        This is a jeans.
It is blue.
            It is a blue jeans.
                       This is a pair of sandals.
It is blue.
                           It is a pair of blue sandals.

Monday, 7 November 2011