Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Simple Past Tense

Actions that have already taken place in the past.

Add 'd' or 'ed' to regular verbs.

Examples of regular verbs in simple past tense that are formed by adding 'd' or 'ed'
                         Teacher talked loudly in class last week.
                                         talk  ---> talked

                          She combed her hair just now.
                                          comb ---> combed

                          They watched the movie last night.
                                          watch ---> watched

Examples of irregular verbs, which are not formed by adding 'd' or 'ed'

                           Jenny ate a biscuit just now.
                                           eat ---> ate

                           This morning, my mother drank a glass of orange juice.
                                           drink ---> drank

                            My father gave me a storybook.
                                           give  ---> gave

                            Ali told teacher on what had happened just now.
                                           tell ---> told

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